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The Baking Gift Guide from Supergolden Bakes

by Lottie Huckle

published on 12 December 2016

Struggling to get the perfect gift for your favourite baker this Christmas? Fear not, Lucy from Supergolden Bakes has a foolproof guide which will avoid both soggy bottoms and disappointment! 

baking gift guide

1. A KitchenAid mini

The perfect stand mixer for those just embarking on their baking adventure – this super-cute mini mixer has all of the KitchenAid’s stand out features but is 25% lighter and 20% smaller thereby easier to store for those with limited space.

2. Digital scales

A reliable set of digital scales will be cherished by anyone who loves baking. Make sure you choose one that easily switches between metric and imperial units – very helpful for converting measurements.

3. The perfect Bundt® tin(s)

Bundt cakes are among the easiest recipes to master but you need a dependable non-stick Bundt® tin in order to avoid cake flops. You will soon realise you need to collect them all…

4. Bake to Impress

Written by award-winning baker, Christian Hümbs, this book the perfect gift for the ambitious home baker. The innovative recipes will challenge even the keenest of bakers looking for the next show stopper!

5. Nesting bowl set

A baker can never have too many bowls and this beautiful nesting set is both space saving, easy on the eyes and perfect for mixing, sifting and measuring.

6. A pastry brush

This pastry brush has to be in every baker’s Christmas stocking. It is bound to get a lot of use so make sure you invest in a sturdy, reliable and, above all, dishwasher safe one.

7. An elegant cake stand

You will need something to display your show stopper masterpieces on and a cake stand (or ten) will always be rapturously received by any keen baker.

8. An apron

An absolutely essential item for bakers who wish to avoid having clothes permanently dusted with flour and icing sugar. What’s more, this pretty and colourful apron also supports a very worthwhile charity.

9. The perfect pie/quiche tin

Avoid soggy bottoms with this perforated tin which allows for air to circulate freely during the cooking and ensuring the perfect golden-brown, crisp crust.

10. The Weekend Baker

Let Paul Hollywood take you on a world tour and introduce you to your favourite recipes from around the globe. An absolute must for all Paul Hollywood fans.

From the book

Paul Hollywood

11. A proving basket

A proving basket will be top of the Santa list for all fans of bread making, helping homemade sourdough retain its shape and giving that all-important artisan look.

12. A thermapen

If you are looking to make candy, marshmallows and macarons you will definitely want to invest in a digital thermometer. A Thermapen will make all these tasks a lot easier to handle and take guess work out of making caramel.

13. Tanya Bakes

Written by sparkly YouTube star, Tanya Burr, this beautifully illustrated book showcases her passion for baking with recipes ranging from everyday staples to treats for special occasions.

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And for more from Lucy, check out her drool-worthy food blog here


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