The best vegan breakfast and brunch recipes

They say you should eat breakfast like a king, which suits us just fine, and with more and more mouth-watering vegan breakfast recipes arriving on the scene we thought it was high time for a collection of the plant-based recipes we consider to be brunch and breakfast royalty. Whether you're an avocado addict or go weak at the knees for (vegan) waffles, feast your eyes on the delicious recipes below...  

Jazz up the classic Aussie weekend brunch dish with Angela Liddon's 9-Spice Avocado Hummus Toast from Oh She Glows Every DayOnce you've made a batch of the flavourful and versatile 9-spice mix, you'll find yourself using it with everything!

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Make it Mexican with Black Bean Rancheros, another winning brunch dish from Oh She Glows Every Day that only takes 30 minutes to prepare and is perfect for savoury breakfast lovers who like a bit of heat. 

Smoothie bowls are one of the most refreshing and revitalising breakfasts out there, and this beautiful Blackberry Smoothie Bowl with Kiwi & Papaya from 100 Weightloss Bowls is full of delicious and nourishing ingredients that give you a welcome energy boost to start the day feeling good. 

Fill up on this Plantain Breakfast Burrito with Pico de Gallo from Peace and Parsnips and you'll be raring to go for the rest of the day. This delicious recipe is wholesome and satisfying, freshened up by the pico de gallo on the side, which adds just the right amount of citrus and a bit of a spicy kick. 

What could be better than a mouthwatering Pile o' Waffles to kick off your weekend? This delicious recipe from Vegan Comfort Classics has it all: perfectly fluffy waffles with a fresh berry syrup and even vegan whipped cream to top it all off. 

Pimping up your breakfast porridge seems to be the thing to do these days, and we're on board with it. Indy Power's Fig and Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge from The Little Green Spoon is a creative alternative to traditional porridge oats, and proof that cinnamon and figs are meant to be. 

Banana bread, like this easy Vegan Banana Bread from Vegan Cakes and Other Bakesis one of those versatile bakes that can justifiably be eaten at pretty much any time of day. There is definitely a place for it on the breakfast table, as it is makes the perfect accompaniment to a cup of English Breakfast tea or an almond milk latte. 

Pudding for breakfast? Absolutely! Especially when it's Hemsley and Hemsley's Chia Chai Butternut Breakfast Pudding from The Art of Eating Well. It's indulgent whilst somehow managing to still be nourishing, with the delicious chai spice perfectly matching the comforting flavour of butternut squash. Prepare this the night before for something special to wake up to. 

Another delicious make-ahead vegan breakfast, these Nut Butter Oats from Buddha Bowls are satisfying and energy-boosting to last you through the morning, and are brilliant for an easy midweek breakfast


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