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Published on 22 August 2019
120 vegan and vegetarian recipes from Meera Sodha
Easy meat-free dishes from across the East
Featuring favourites from Meera's Guardian column and more

Who's the author? Award-winning author Meera Sodha, writer of the ‘New Vegan’ column in The Guardian and of the best-selling cookbooks, Made in India and Fresh India.

What's it about? Flavourful, vibrant, meat-free dishes from all corners of the East and South Asia. Expanding on her unrivalled knowledge of Indian cuisine demonstrated in her two previous cookbooks, Meera Sodha goes a step further with East, exploring the diverse and celebrated vegan and vegetarian dishes in Eastern cooking. Taking you on a journey from India to Indonesia, Singapore to Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam, this book is bursting with flavourful and exciting yet accessible ingredients in dishes that vary from noodles and curries, to rice dishes, salads and sweets.

Recipes we love: Chard Potato and Coconut Curry, Kimchi Pancakes, delicious Dairy Free Black Dal, Salted Miso Brownies and a no-churn Vietnamese Coffee Ice-cream.

Perfect for: Anyone who is a fan of Meera's two other books, Made in India and Fresh India, or who loves the variety of cuisines from across Asia. This triumph of a cookbook is a must for anyone who follows a meat-free diet, who is keen to introduce more vegetables into their daily cooking, or simply enjoys bringing the delicious flavours of the East into their kitchen at home.