Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats: Tasty plant-based recipes for every day

Published on 20 June 2019

Who's the author? YouTube sensation and vegan cook, Rachel Ama, has amassed a huge following thanks to her easy-to-follow, plant-based recipe videos, taking inspiration from her Caribbean, West African and British roots. A true Londoner, she knows the capital's vegan food scene inside out, loves pairing her food with music and is on a mission to bring bold, vegan food to our dinner tables.

What's it about? Rachel Ama's Vegan Eats will show you how easy it is to fit simple, affordable and delicious vegan food into your everyday life. Far from boring, bland dishes, this cookbook draws from Caribbean and West African influences and ingredients to create great full-flavour, bold recipes. Expect quick and often one-pot dinners, supermarket-friendly ingredient lists and prep-ahead dishes.

Recipes we love? Peanut rice and veg stir-fry, Caribbean fritters, Plantain burger and Carrot cake waffles.

Perfect for: Anyone looking for veganspiration that's packed with flavour on a budget.