Christmas 2017: Best Books for Serious Cooks

Whether they love to recreate the food of their favourite restaurants at home, explore new cuisines, delve into the history of food or even if they're the cook that already has every book, this gift guide features our pick of the best books to buy the expert cook in your life this Christmas.

1. Sabor by Nieves Barragán Mohacho

From Nieves Barragán Mohacho, the acclaimed chef formerly of Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant, Barrafina, comes the ultimate guide to the wonders of Spanish cooking. Teaching you how to master the classics, with recipes for everything from tortilla to churros, this is the perfect gift for lovers of Spanish food.

2. River Cafe 30 by Ruth Rogers,‎ Sian Wyn Owen,‎ Joseph Trivelli and‎ Rose Gray

Marking The River Cafe's momentus 30th birthday, River Cafe 30 features 120 recipes from across three decades of bold and accomplished Italian cooking. From modern updates to some of the best loved recipes from the first River Cafe Blue Book to 30 brand new recipes plus plenty of stories and tips from Rose Rodgers throughout, this is the essential gift for fans of Italian food and restaurant savants.

3. Trullo by Tim Siadatan

There's a reason why a table at Tim Siadatan's London-based restaurant Trullo is like gold dust and there are queues around the block at sister restaurant, Padella. In this, his first cookbook, Tim shares some of the most popular recipes from his successful restaurants, including that instafamous cacio e pepe, making this a great gift for restaurant fans and pasta lovers alike.

4. Downtime by Nadine Levy Redzepi

Nadine Levy Redzepi is one of the team members behind NOMA, the acclaimed Copenhagen-based restaurant opened by her husband Rene Redzepi. A celebration of home cooking, in Downtime, Nadine shares the recipes collected from across the world that she loves to cook for her family, from fried chicken to lasagne, and some seriously delicous desserts. This is the perfect cookbook for any cook that loves their food to be homely and comforting but with creative flair.

5. Caravan: Dining All Day by Miles Kirby and Chris Ammermann

From the team behind the immensely popular Caravan restaurants in London comes this cookbook full of beautifully shot dishes to see you from your first, brilliant coffee of the day right through to a creative dinner. Fans of Caravan, Australian-style dishes and coffee connoisseurs will all love this cookbook.

6. Deja Food by Mary-Anne Boermans

Deja Food is a meticulously researched celebration of the food of times past. It celebrates how we used to eat: giving time and care to less expensive cuts of meat, being thrifty where possible and using up leftovers to their fullest extent. Perfect for those with an interest in food history, a penchant for nostaligic British dishes, or the cook who thinks they have every book.

7. The Modern Kebab by Le Bab

Taking kebabs from the territory of late night greasy takeaway to gastro heaven, The Modern Kebab includes over 60 easy-to-follow recipes for everything from mezze and kebabs to mains and cocktails. This is a lovely choice for any cook who loves to experiment with foods from other cultures and who likes to recreate their favourite takeaway at home.

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