Amelia Freer's Mother's Day Menu

Amelia's debut cookbook, Cook. Nourish. Glow. is packed with recipes that are kind to the belly, without sacrificing flavour. So this Mothering Sunday treat your mum to a celebratory feast minus the slump! We've picked three of our favourite recipes to create a menu that's healthy, comforting and will have your mum grinning come Mother's Day.

Amelia Freer Mother's Day Menu Starter

Starter: Crunchy Vegetable ‘Tabbouleh’ with Coconut Cream & Herb Dressing

These little pots look really impressive but are deceptively easy. They're light and fresh and you can prepare the components in advance and then assemble when serving - the perfect starter.

Amelia Freer Mother's Day Menu Main

Main: Chicken and Tarragon Casserole

Amelia says that this recipe makes her think of her mum as she rocks a casserole. It seems like mums across the world rock a casserole, so we thought it would be lovely to treat our mums to a casserole whilst they put their feet up on Mother's Day. This recipe is straight forward and can be left to slow-cook whilst you enjoy some quality time together.

Amelia Freer Mother's Day Menu Dessert

Dessert: Passion Fruit 'Crumble'

These little sweet treats are the perfect way to finish a three-course meal. Not too heavy, but still sweet and delicious with the flavours of passion fruit and raspberry. 

If you can't wait to get your hands on a copy of Amelia Freer's Cook. Nourish. Glowyou can order it here.

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