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The Ramadan Cookbook

Written by

Anisa Karolia


09 March 2023

Who’s the author? With an online community of over 240,000 followers, award-winning Anisa Karolia is one of the UK’s most prominent Muslim food bloggers. Her mission is to share quick and accessible recipes, including favourites from her childhood.

What’s it about: The Ramadan Cookbook is the ultimate guide to cooking during the annual month of fasting observed throughout the Muslim world. From filling ideas for suhoor, the pre-dawn meal, to satisfying dishes for iftar, the post-sunset meal to break the fast, plus plenty of celebratory feasts for Eid al-Fitr, Anisa shares eighty easy-to-make recipes. 

Recipes we love: Butter Chicken, Prawn Jalfrezi and Rose and Pistachio Milk Cake.

Perfect for: The Ramadan Cookbook is an essential resource for anyone observing Ramadan themselves or cooking for friends, family or neighbours taking part. It’s also packed with filling, flavourful and family-friendly recipes to make at any time of year, whether you observe Ramadan or not.

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From the book: The Ramadan Cookbook

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