The Green Barbecue

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The Green Barbecue
A fresh perspective on meat-free summertime meals
With flavour-packed recipes for outdoor and indoor cooking
From hearty vegan burgers to vibrant, refreshing salads

Who's the author? Rukimini Iyer is the best-selling author of revolutionary The Roasting Tin cookbook series that have sold half a million copies to date. Rukmini Iyer is now a household name with an ethos for convenient, no-fuss and delicious food for everyone. 

What's it about? Move over bangers and burgers,The Green Barbecue is a celebration of the veggie and vegan grill. With 75 flavour-packed recipes, Rukmini Iyer shows that meat-free barbecue is so much more than a few bits of over-charred halloumi and corn on the cob. From griddled papaya and charred tenderstem to crispy barbecue tofu and dill-soused feta, this cookbook is vibrant, colourful and packed with a delicious array of veggie recipes. In true Rukmini-style, recipes are quick, easy to make and will go down well with the whole family. 

Perfect for: Anyone seeking a more veg-forward way to eat and entertain – great for vegetarians, flexitarians and omnivores alike, as well as barbecue-lovers seeking to expand their grilling repertoire.