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5 prep-ahead recipes to pair together from The Green Barbecue

by Rukmini Iyer

published on 30 April 2021

I’m delighted to share a barbecue menu with you from my new cookbook, The Green Barbecue. These recipes work so well together in terms of taste, flavour and texture, but what I love most about them is that you can get almost all your prep done in advance, freeing you up to spend maximum time with your friends and family outside.

Seasonal asparagus and radishes need just a few minutes on the hot grill before serving with a lemon dressing and whole burrata – a lovely, celebratory way to kick off your barbecue. My favourite lime and chilli sweetcorn fritters, the aubergine and goat’s cheese burger stacks and walnut and herb flatbreads can all be prepared well in advance, and then flashed on the barbecue as needed, while the slower cooking squash, carrots and onions can tick along slowly while your guests enjoy the earlier dishes. I’d perhaps add a sour cream dip (like the one on p154 of the The Green Barbecue), and your summer feast is sorted.

From the book

Rukmini Iyer

Easy Vegetarian Barbecue Recipe | Asparagus & Burrata Salad

Griddled Asparagus, Radishes and Burrata

Get your feast off to a fresh start with my crisp-meets-creamy combination of griddled asparagus, sliced radish and oozy burrata.

Get your copy of The Green Barbecue here.

Easy Vegetarian Barbecue Recipe | Grilled Squash & Carrots

Squash with Charred Carrots, Red Onions, Coriander Seeds, Pistachios and Lime

Perfect for vegan guests, this recipe elevates griddled veg with a punchy and aromatic lime and coriander seed dressing.

Get your copy of The Green Barbecue here.

Easy Vegetarian Barbecue Recipe | Grilled Aubergine & Goat's Cheese Stack

Aubergine and Goat’s Cheese Burger Stacks

Sure, buns are great, but have you ever tried making a burger out of slices of juicy, smoky aubergine sandwiched around goat’s cheese and drizzled with honey? Watch me make these flavourful stacks here for an extra prepping tip not included in the book.

Get your copy of The Green Barbecue here.

Easy Vegetarian Barbecue Recipe | Sweetcorn Fritters

Lime and Chilli Sweetcorn Fritters with Roasted Tomatoes

Your favourite brunch dish, barbecue style.

Love this recipe? Buy your copy of The Green Barbecue here to access this recipe.

Easy Vegetarian Barbecue Recipe | Flatbreads

Walnut and Herb Flatbreads

Because no barbecue is truly complete without some form of pillowy bread for mopping up all those delicious juices, sauces and dips.

Love this recipe? Buy your copy of The Green Barbecue here to access this recipe.

From the book

Rukmini Iyer


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