The Happy Foodie's Classic Easter Feast

This Easter at The Happy Foodie table, we're revisiting some of our favourite classic recipes. We feel like an Easter feast isn't complete without roast lamb, nor a show-stopping dessert with promises of Summer. To make sure your meal is also steeped in tradition and flavour, we've put together a Classic Easter Feast for you to enjoy.

Easter Menu Starter

Starter: Carrot, Yoghurt, Cumin Soup from The Kitchen Orchard by Natalia Conroy

This bright and flavourful soup is the perfect way to start a Spring-time feast. Save room for at least three hot cross buns by serving this soup simply, with a slice or two of fresh bread.

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Easter Lamb Recipe

Main: Cumin Slow-roasted Shoulder of Lamb with Couscous from One Pot Wonders by Lindsey Bareham 

A classic feast wouldn't be complete without showstopping roast lamb. This slow-roasted recipe is easy but oh-so-impressive. The recipe will feed six, so invite the whole family round and eat your way into Spring-time.

One Pot Wonders
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Easter pudding recipe

Dessert: Meringue Roulade with Rose Petals and Fresh Raspberries from Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi

Easter is an opportunity to look forward to warmer weather. This stunning meringue dessert, bursting with raspberries and fresh cream, already has us excited for longer, warmer days and we haven't even started whisking our egg whites yet!

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Easter cake recipe

Afternoon Tea: Easter Simnel Cake from Mary Berry's Baking Bible by Mary Berry

Easter wouldn't be complete without a crowning jewel: a simnel cake, with a recipe from the trusted queen of baking, Mary Berry. Enjoy stirring up the fruitcake mix with eager little chefs, and rolling the almond-paste balls that represent the 11 apostles.

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And if you think you'll still have room after that Easter Feast, be sure to make James Morton's Hot Cross Buns and a batch or two or Miranda Gore Browne's Easter Nests.

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