Top 5 Savoury Pancake Recipes

Pancakes aren't just for Pancake Day! Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner, savoury fillings make pancakes a quick, easy and delicious treat at any time of day! Here we count down our top 5 savoury recipes for flipping brilliant pancakes!

Turkish Spinach Galette by Rachel de Thample

Galettes are great carriers for all manner of filling, including lots of fruit and veg. This recipe is packed with lots of fresh spinach, spicy harissa and a runny egg yolk in the middle for dipping.


Masala Dosa from The Gluten-Free Cookbook

These spicy vegan pancakes, made from ground lentils and rice, are traditionally served for breakfast in southern India but make a great midweek meal too.



Crêpes et galettes (Pancakes and Buckwheat Pancakes) by Rachel Khoo

Originally from Brittany, crêpes and galettes have been adopted as the French national snack, and tiny booths serving hot discs of doughy goodness can be found on virtually every Parisian street (or so it seems). Try egg, cheese and ham in a buckwheat pancake. If you’re eating them the traditional way, they should be washed down with a glass of Breton cider.


Classic Pancakes Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta (Panzerotti Tradizionali) by Michaela, Emanuela and Romina Chiappa

The Chiappa sisters put a twist on the classic spinach and ricotta canneloni with these delicious Panzerotti. "We loved these as children and would help Mum stir the mixture and roll them up - we called them 'roly-polys'!"


Rice Flour Pancakes by  Madhur Jaffrey 

Eaten for breakfast or as a snack food, these are served with chutneys and pickles. You can also wrap them around any vegetable dish of your choice and serve them at lunch with a salad. 

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