Levi Roots' Ultimate Laid-back Barbecue Menu

Summer entertaining couldn't be easier with Levi Roots on hand to help. Fire up the barbecue, and inject some Caribbean heat into your outdoor eating with his Ultimate Laid-back BBQ Menu.

Main 1: Calypso Chicken Burgers

Juicy, succulent chicken burgers paired with mango, courgette and barbecue sauce. Perfect sunshine food.

Side: Hot and Fruity Caribbean Coleslaw

A light, tangy coleslaw that packs a chilli punch. Serve this alongside barbecued meats to get your tastebuds tingling.

Main 2: Seasoned-up Pepper Steak

A showstopper of a steak dish to feed a crowd at your summer barbecue. Serve with Caribbean Coleslaw for maximum impact.

And if you're looking for a salad with a difference to serve at your barbecue why not try this Chilli and Honey Peach version by Levi.

Levi Roots' Grill it with Levi, his collection of over 100 sunshine-filled reggae recipes is out now in hardback.

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