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Healthy Make-ahead Breakfasts

by Marina Hopkins

published on 10 January 2019

There's nothing like a feel-good breakfast packed with nourishing (and of course delicious) ingredients to get you bouncing out of your front door in the morning. From moreish overnight oats to wholesome snack bars for a speedy breakfast on the go, these healthy breakfasts can conveniently be made ahead of time so you can squeeze in some extra beauty sleep, and will boost your energy to power you through your day.

Easy Granola

Melissa Hemsley's granola recipe from Eat Happy is exactly what it says on the tin: it's oh so easy. Keep a big batch of this stored in your larder so that you can have a wholesome and flavour-packed breakfast ready in moments, ideal on a rushed weekday morning. 

Overnight Oats with Raspberry and Chia 

This recipe for overnight oats with raspberry and chia seeds from The Fit Foodie is made for anyone who isn't a big fan of early mornings. If you're the kind of person who snoozes your alarm more times than you'd like to admit, and always runs out of time for breakfast, make these tasty oats the night before for some energy-boosting morning fuel that you can quickly wolf down or pop them in a Tupperware to eat on the go. 

Blueberry Porridge 

Not only is this blueberry porridge from 26 Grains a delicious and texturally-satisfying breakfast, it's also a real feast for the eyes, so this is a great one if you're hosting breakfast or brunch. Make the blueberry compote ahead of time and soak your porridge oats the night before, then all that's left to do in the morning is make the porridge and assemble the toppings. Because why wouldn't you want a work of art for breakfast?

From the book

Alex Hely-Hutchinson


Melissa Hemsley's Perfect Pancakes

If pancakes are part of your usual weekend routine, try Melissa Hemsley's Perfect Pancakes from Eat Happy and make a few extra. Melissa says that “any extra pancakes will keep in the fridge for a few days, or you can freeze them. Pop them in the oven or fry in a pan to reheat”. Weekday pancakes? Fine by us! 

Multiseeded Sourdough 

For all the bakers out there, what could be better than a loaf of homemade sourdough to keep you going throughout the week? This flavourful multiseeded sourdough from Modern Baker: A New Way to Bake is a well-loved classic, and it freezes well so you can keep a lasting supply. 

Blueberry Porridge Squares

These blueberry porridge squares from Livia's Kitchen are the ideal on-the-go breakfast or mid-morning snack. Packed with nutritious oats and berries and simple to make, these moreish squares of goodness are hard to beat when it comes to healthy and easy make-ahead breakfasts.

Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup & Banana Overnight Oats

Peanut butter with banana is one of those classic flavour combinations that is impossible to resist, and both are packed with energy-boosting nutrients. That's why this recipe for peanut butter, maple syrup and banana overnight oats from Superfood Breakfasts ticks all of the boxes. It couldn't be easier to prep the night before, so it'll be ready and waiting for you when you open your fridge in the morning. 

Asparagus and Tomato Frittata Slice 

If you prefer a savoury breakfast, this protein and veggie-packed asparagus and tomato frittata slice from The Foodie Teen will be your new best friend. Make the frittata at the weekend and slice it up so you have a delicious, energising breakfast ready to go for the weekday mornings ahead. 


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