3 Ideas for an Extra-Special Breakfast in Bed

Treat your loved one this Valentine's Day with an extra-special breakfast in bed. These 3 gorgeous ideas from our authors are sure to inspire something delicious!

His and Hers Brekkie - Emma Marsden

This wonderfully easy and eye-catching eggy breakfast is perfect for eating in bed. French toast with grilled peaches and fried egg and tomato toast makes two delicious breakfasts in one!

Super Eggs Benedict - Jamie Oliver

Everyone loves a good eggs Benedict. Hot fluffy muffins are important, but really good wafer-thin smoked ham is essential. For fun, Jamie has given you a simple method for creating a doubleyolker egg, which also helps you achieve the perfect shape.

Chia Chai Butternut Breakfast Pudding - Hemsley + Hemsley

This is an overnight breakfast with omega-3-rich chia seeds infused with the Hemsleys' favourite rooibos chai breakfast tea. Together they turn the usually savoury butternut squash into a wonderfully sweet start to the day.


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