Christmas 2019: Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa or stocking filler gifts

Looking for a last minute stocking filler for the foodie in your life or need inspiration for your Secret Santa present? Look no further...

best stocking filler ideas christmas 2019 breakfast london where real londoners eat

Breakfast London: Where Real Londoners Eat by Bianca Bridges

For those foodies in your life who love to brunch in London, this is a brilliant collection of the best spots in town from someone who's tried them all. Divided between London's area codes and with a handy key so you know which are dog-friendly, weekend only or vegan, this is a funky, easy-to-navigate book for the indulgent weekend eater. 

Order a copy of Breakfast London here

christmas 2019: Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts the campfire cookbook

The Campfire Cookbook by Nico Stanitzok & Viola Lex

Are you buying a gift for an adventurous foodie? With 80 imaginative recipes for cooking outdoors, this cookbook might just be the ticket. Recipes range from the classics, from BBQ chicken to corn on the cob as well as recipes for pancakes and even chocolate cakes baked inside oranges! There are also checklists for all camping essentials and basic recipes for camping must-haves such as bbq sauce and ketchup. There's no doubt, this is an inspiring book for anyone seeking the great outdoors.

Order a copy of The Campfire Cookbook here

christmas 2019: Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts the tofu cookbook heather thomas

The Tofu Cookbook by Heather Thomas

For the tofu lovers in your life, this mini book is crammed with 60 helpful, easy and quick ideas on how to cook this popular plant-based protein. The Tofu Cookbook is one of the ingredient-led books in the series that includes The Hot Sauce Cookbook (see below), The Avocado Cookbook, The Aubergine Cookbook and The Chickpea Cookbook; handy mini guides for any beginner cook. 

christmas 2019: Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts fizz cocktails olly smith

Fizz: 80 Joyful Cocktails And Mocktails For Every Occasion by Olly Smith 

The perfect gift for Christmas, this recipe book celebrates all things fizz. Making the most of your favourite fizzy drinks, from Champagne to cava, cider to beer, even soda to kombucha (for the tee-totallers), Olly Smith collates 80 simple cocktail and mocktail recipes for special occasions. Our favourite? The Sherbet Fizz Mocktail.

Order a copy of Fizz here.


The Hot Sauce Cookbook by Heather Thomas

For the chilli fiends in your life, this cookbook might be just what they’re looking for. A brilliant guide to cooking creatively with chilli sauces, this little book shows how to add flavour and intensity to meals using popular spicy sauces, from Thai sweet chilli to Sriracha. The Hot Sauce Buffalo Wings are one to try.

Gift a copy of The Hot Sauce Cookbook this Christmas.

christmas 2019 best stocking filler books seedlip cocktail book

Seedlip: The Cocktail Book by Ben Branson

For anyone who loves making cocktails with a difference. Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit – balanced, crisp and with delicious flavours. This accompanying recipe book is packed with Seedlip cocktails from the world’s best bartenders. For anyone sick of rubbish mocktails, this is the book for them.

Gift a copy of Seedlip: The Cocktail Book this Christmas.

christmas 2019 Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts buddha bowls

Buddha Bowls by Hannah Pemberton

Buddha Bowls teaches the art of balancing every meal all in one beautiful nourishing bowl. Easy to make, these veggie and vegan recipes cover post-workout recovery bowls for one as well as dinner party ideas to share with friends. A vibrant cookbook for the health-conscious food-lover.

Buy a copy of Buddha Bowls here.

Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts eat to sleep

Eat to Sleep by Heather Thomas and Alina Tierney

Getting a good night’s sleep can be easily affected by what we eat and when we eat it, so for anyone in your life having trouble with getting a good kip, this cookbook could be the winning ticket. With 80 recipes, plus tips and advice, this handbook will spell out how to eat the right foods at the right time to help keep those sleep hormones in check.

Order a copy of Eat to Sleep here.

christmas 2019 Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts the little book of brunch sophie missing

The Little Book of Brunch by Caroline Craig and Sophie Missing

From eggs to avocado, bacon to bagels, this ultimate collection of brunch recipes is a celebration of what is fast becoming the nation's favourite meal. The Little Book of Brunch features everything rom firm-favourites to something a little different and recipes from all over the world. 

Order a copy of The Little Book of Brunch here.

christmas 2019 Cookbooks to give as Secret Santa / stocking filler gifts the grilled cheese sandwich

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Sian Henley

This mouth-watering cookbook is a celebration of the grilled cheese sandwich in all of its forms. From breakfast and brunch to something sweet, this cookbook will inspire you to branch out past the conventional cheese toastie.

Buy a copy of The Grilled Cheese Sandwich here

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