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Food on the Go

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05 October 2023

Food on the Go Chilly's

Who’s the author? Chilly’s was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing people with bottles of cold water on the go, without having to resort to single-use plastic bottles. The result was the Chilly’s Bottle, a product designed to combine convenience and style with eco-friendly benefits. Since then, Chilly’s has become pioneers of reusables, with a huge range of colourful, customised and limited-edition bottles, food pots and bowls.

What’s it about? In Food on the Go you’ll find healthy and tasty meals designed to slot seamlessly into your lifestyle, all formulated specifically for your Chilly’s reusable products to keep your food as fresh, hot (or cold) and delicious as when you made it. Elevate your ‘eat on the go’ options with a range of ingredients, flavours and cuisines while saving time, effort and money – not to mention the fact that you’ll be cutting down on packaging waste.

The 75 easy, healthy and filling meals featured in this book will give you inspiration for every day of the week, wherever and whenever you need to eat. With chapters covering Breakfast, Soups & Hotpots, Wraps & Sandwiches, Salads, Pasta, Rice & Grains, Drinks, and more, you’ll have plenty of options for breakfasts on a budget, satisfying lunches, delicious dinners and sustaining snacks. Whether you are packing a school lunchbox, need something for a filling work breakfast, want a healthy packed lunch option or are planning a picnic, you’ll find it all here. What’s more, every recipe has a useful ‘or try this’ option, showing how you can adapt and adjust each recipe to suit your own tastes.

Recipes we love: Overnight Chocolate & Hazelnut Oats, Easy Beef Ramen, Spinach & Black Bean Quesadillas, Salmon Poke Bowl, and Cheesy Butternut & Spinach Tortilla Wedges.

Perfect for: Anyone with a busy lifestyle who wants to enjoy healthy and delicious food on the go.


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