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The Tofoo Cookbook

Written by

The Tofoo Co.

Who’s the author? Tofoo is the number one brand of tofu in the UK. From firm to smoked, scrambled to crispy, you’ll find their hugely popular packs of this essential plant-based protein in all major supermarkets.

What’s it about?  From tips on prepping tofu to how to use it as a satisfying substitute for meat and fish, The Tofoo Cookbook is packed with practical advice and recipes to get the most out of this versatile ingredient. The simple and accessible recipes make tofu the star of every dish, from classic stir-fries and noodles to unexpected tofu twists on the likes of shakshuka, katsu curry, nachos, and much more.

Recipes we love: Tofish and Chips, Chipotle Tofu Tacos and Panko Tofu Bao Buns.

Perfect book for: Tofu fans, vegetarian or vegan cooks, and anyone looking to eat more plant-based meals.


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