All the vegan recipe inspiration you need for Veganuary 2021

If you're taking part in Veganuary this year, we salute you. Take a good look at our plant-based recipe collections and resources to inspire everything from your vegan packed lunches to your first vegan dinner party. 

How to go vegan in 2021

Featuring top tips from some of our favourite vegan cookbook authors, this article is packed with friendly and encouraging advice and handy hacks to help make your transition into veganism as easy as possible.

Vegan midweek meals

Easy and fast, delicious and creative, these are the recipes to cook for dinner when time is of the essence but you don't want to compromise on flavour.

Vegan budget-friendly recipes

Here to bust the myth that vegan eating will break the bank is this collection of budget and vegan-friendly recipes.

Vegan comfort food to beat the blues

Worried that you'll be struck with a sudden craving for your favourite non-vegan comfort food? From mac 'n' cheese to burgers, a vegan twist on whatever helps you beat the blues is here.

Vegan packed lunches

Prep your plant-based packed lunch ahead and be the envy of everyone in the office (including the meat eaters).

Vegan dinner party ideas

Just because you've gone vegan, it doesn't mean a delicious dinner party is off the table. Whether your guests are fellow vegans or not, they'll love these crowd-pleasing recipes.

Vegan desserts and puddings

Round off a vegan feast with one of these plant-based puds, from raw cheesecakes to a Black Forest Gâteau.

Easy vegan bakes

On your marks, set, bake, vegan-style with these sumptuous plant-based recipes. Meera Sodha's Miso Chocolate Brownies, anyone?

Meera Sodha's Indian vegan recipes

While we're on the subject of the undisputed queen of delicious recipes that also happen to be vegan, here is a selection of our favourite Meera Sodha Indian vegan recipes from across her cookbooks.

How to cook jackfruit

Everything you need to know about this hero of vegan cooking and with a few of our favourite recipes thrown in too.

Vegan breakfasts and brunches

Kick off your day with a creative vegan breakfast or brunch.

Protein-packed vegan recipes

Thought vegan recipes were low in protein? Think again.

The best vegan cookbooks

Looking for more inspiration? Here's our pick of the best vegan cookbooks to add to your shelf and keep your plant-based cooking innovative and delicious well past the end of Veganuary.

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