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Frozen Smoothie Time

by Ben Ebbrell from Beginners Get… Sorted

Boost your fruit intake with this ice cold smoothie recipe. Whether you go for strawberry and banana or melon and mandarin, these smoothies are a must try!


Smoothies have taken the world by storm, competing with designer drinks such as the mochaccino or skinny soya latte. But while some smoothies are dairy-based, we prefer to keep the cows at bay and stick to purely fruity options. Here are some of our favourites, so have a go at these and then experiment with some of your own ideas. Get blitzing!

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250ml apple juice
150g your fruit of choice
1 strawberry and banana
2 pineapple and mango
3 melon and mandarin
4 apple, pear, blueberry and blackberry

Essential kit

You will need a blender.

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WASH or peel your chosen fruits.

CHOP them up into small regular-shaped pieces, ideally the size of a raspberry.

LAY them out on a tray and freeze. If you’ve got more than you need and you want to be organised, store 150g batches in the freezer until needed.

POUR the apple juice into a blender and tip in 150g of the frozen fruit that takes your fancy.

BLITZ for 30 seconds, until your ice-cold fruit smoothie is lump-free and thick.

EMPTY into a glass and slurp through a straw.

You can also buy frozen fruit pre-prepared at some supermarkets. Just add fruit juice, blitz it and Bob’s your uncle.

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