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Top 5 Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes

by Elizabeth Young

published on 28 May 2015

Vegetarian barbecuing can be so much more exciting than plain Quorn burgers and sausages! Let The Happy Foodie inspire you with our top 5 veggie BBQ recipes from some of our favourite authors.

Stuffed sweet potatoes | Jamie Oliver

Mega Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from Jamie’s Food Tube: The BBQ Book by DJ BBQ

A great veggie option for a summer barbecue, these silky sweet potatoes stuffed with chilli and cheese are a flavour explosion!

Buy Jamie’s Food Tube: The BBQ Book here.

Black bean burgers | Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Black Bean Burgers from At My Table by Mary McCartney

Packed with protein and fibre, these Black Bean Burgers from Mary McCartney are delicious sandwiched between a burger bun with all the toppings – sliced pickles, tomato, onion, lettuce, Thousand Island dressing (or mayo and ketchup) and mustard. Mary’s advice is to never skimp on the toppings!

From the book

Mary McCartney

Barbecued or Griddled Sweetcorn | Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Barbecued or Griddled Sweetcorn with Flavoured Butters from Grill it with Levi by Levi Roots

A barbie isn’t a barbie without sweetcorn. Here barbecue legend Levi Roots shows you how to cook it to perfection with lime and coriander, Parmesan and chilli butter.

Buy Grill it with Levi here.

Portobello pecan burger | Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Portobello Pecan Burger with Roasted Pumpkin Wedges from Peace and Parsnips by Lee Watson

Here we have a vegan burger that is rich, with a deep flavour from the mushrooms, cumin and miso. It is packed with heavy umami flavours, with the seaweed, pecans and miso working their potent charms. Yum!

Buy Peace and Parsnips here.

Roasted treacle toffee bananas | Levi Roots

Roasted Treacle Toffee Bananas from Grill it with Levi by Levi Roots

No great barbecue would be complete without a knockout BBQ dessert. These Roasted Treacle Toffee Bananas have a lovely, gooey, sweet, brown-sugary centre and are perfect served with some cream or ice cream.

Buy Grill it with Levi here.


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