Our Favourite Summer Cocktail Recipes

This Summer kick back with one of our favourite summer cocktail recipes. From boozy classics, to mocktails for all to enjoy, there's something on this list for everyone to sip on. 

best summer cocktails


Pimm's is an essential Summer cocktail. Now, with this recipe from Simon Hopkinson Cooks, you can make this classic crowd-pleaser to perfection every time. 

Summer Cocktails


A cocktail of prosecco, lemon sorbet and vodka? Now that does sound summery! Recline in your favourite sunny spot with this recipe from Drinks.

Ginger Beer

This fiery non-alcoholic Ginger Beer recipe from The Groundnut Cookbook is one of our go-to Summer drinks. Either enjoy a refreshing glass on its own or stir into a mocktail or cocktail for a quintessentially British Summer treat. 

Special Sangria

This isn't any old sangria recipe, it's Omar Allibhoy's Special Sangria from his hit book, Tapas Revolution. Omar's Sangria is loaded with citrus fruits, pear, plums and strawberries plus is packing a punch of brandy, triple sec and Spanish red wine. Delicious! 

best summer cocktails

Elderflower and Passionfruit Cooler

This mocktail recipe from Nigella Summer is all about sunshine flavours. Even during the drizzliest of British Summers, this cooler is bound to brighten up your day.

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