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The Seedlip Cocktail Book

Written by

Ben Branson

The Seedlip Cocktail Book

What's it about? Sick of rubbish non-alcoholic drinks offerings and sickeningly sweet mocktails? Seedlip is the first distilled non-alcoholic spirit to provide the answer to your teetotal woes. Balanced, crisp, and with delicious flavours and healthy, natural ingredients, Seedlip is the perfect alternative to your G&T or Margarita. With this accompanying recipe book packed with Seedlip cocktail ideas from some of the world's best bartenders, you can recreate sophisticated drinks at home without any fear of a hangover. The book also features beautiful photography, illustrations and fascinating insights into Seedlip's ethos, technique and ingredients.

Who's the author? Ben Branson is Seedlip's founder on a mission to solve the ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’ dilemma. This is his first recipe book. 

Perfect for: Anyone who loves making cocktails, throwing cocktail parties or impressing their guests with the latest in-thing, and those avoiding alcohol but still seeking a delicious cocktail alternative.


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