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Nadiya Hussain’s Paneer and Chilli Loaf

Grated paneer adds a unique texture and savoury, salty flavour to this simple bread, from Nadiya's Simple Spices on BBC2. Brushed with a turmeric glaze, this golden loaf is perfect for elevating sandwiches or simply eaten as is with a little butter or ghee.

From the book


This is in no way traditional, but paneer doesn’t always have to be paired with spinach. It works well in other ways and by other ways I mean in this loaf–grated. It adds a saltiness and a texture that are unique and really brings this simple loaf to life. I love to eat this sliced, toasted and buttered with ghee.

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For the loaf:
500g strong bread flour
2 tsp chilli powder
2 tsp ground cumin
7g fast action yeast
2 tsp salt
2 tbsp oil, plus extra for greasing
320ml lukewarm water
200g paneer, grated
100g crispy fried onions
For the glaze:
1 egg yolk
½ tsp ground turmeric
1 tbsp whole milk

Essential kit

You will need: a 900g loaf tin.


Prep: 20 minutes (+ proving). Cook: 45 minutes (+ cooling).

Start by adding the flour to a large bowl with the chilli powder and ground cumin and mixing till combined. Now add the yeast, salt and oil and mix through, making a well in the centre.

Pour in the lukewarm water and bring the dough together. Now knead the dough till you have a dough that is smooth and stretchy. Pop into a bowl, cover in clingfilm and leave in a warm place for the dough to double in size.

Lightly grease the inside of a 900g loaf tin.

Uncover the dough and tip out onto the work surface. Press out the air and flatten the dough, then sprinkle all over with the grated paneer and onions and knead into the dough. Shape into a loaf and drop into the loaf tin seam-side down.

Cover in greased clingfilm and leave in a warm place until doubled in size again.

Preheat the oven to 220°C.

Take off the clingfilm, mix the egg yolk, turmeric and milk together to make the glaze and gently brush all over the top. Bake for 15 minutes.

Reduce the oven temperature to 170°C and continue to bake for another 30 minutes. Take the loaf out and tip onto a wire rack to cool completely.

+ This loaf crumbled into breadcrumbs makes for a delicious crispy topping on a fish pie, so why not give that a go if you have any left over.


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From the book: Nadiya’s Simple Spices

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