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Nadiya Hussain’s Breakfast Trifle

Nadiya Hussain's recipe for an easy Yoghurt Breakfast Trifle packed with berries, granola and chia seeds is an indulgent way to start your morning, great for a weekend brunch or a special breakfast-time treat.

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Nadiya Hussain


Trifle is not just a dessert, it can be eaten for breakfast too. This has all the layers and is as filling and as satisfying to the eye and stomach as a traditional trifle. I have increased the yoghurt layer here so that you can make some popsicles or other frozen treats. If you prefer to just make the trifle today, simply halve the quantities that make up the yoghurt layer (see ingredients).

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For the yoghurt layer:
1kg Greek yoghurt
200g chia seeds
10 tbsp honey
2 tsp ground cinnamon
For the fruit layer:
500g frozen summer fruits
3 tbsp icing sugar
1 orange, zest only (the rest of the orange can be sliced and frozen to use in hot and cold drinks)
For the bread/cake layer:
175g brioche slices
175g your favourite granola
For the top:
whippy cream, from a can


Start by making the chia seed yoghurt, so that it can begin to thicken. Put the yoghurt into a bowl and stir in the chia seeds, honey and cinnamon. If you have made the increased quantity, place half in one bowl and half in another bowl. Set aside.

Place the frozen fruit in a bowl. Add the icing sugar and orange zest and leave the fruit to defrost. Drain off the excess juice into a bowl for later. Place the defrosted fruit in the base of your trifle dish.

Rip the brioche into pieces and mix with the granola. Spread in a layer on top of the fruit and drizzle some of the reserved fruit juice over this layer.

Now spoon on the chia yoghurt (half, if you have made the double quantity) and leave the trifle to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes. Before serving, squirt on some whippy cream straight from the can.

For Chia and Yoghurt Popsicles:

You can either transfer the remaining chia yoghurt into popsicle moulds and put into the freezer to set, or add the remaining juice from the defrosted fruit, if you have any left over, and some sliced strawberries and stir through.

Alternatively, you could pop this yoghurt into ice cube trays and freeze.

Once frozen, transfer to a freezer bag. You now have a base for breakfast smoothies whenever you need them – pop a few cubes into a blender with some kale and pineapple juice, or a banana and berries.


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