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Kick-Ass Fish Tacos

An awesome fish taco recipe for entertaining guests. Great for BBQs, the Mexican-style fish tacos are best accompanied by mango salsa and spicy guacamole.

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Fish tacos are one of my all-time favourite meals. I’ve never found a restaurant in the UK that would do this dish the way I’ve had ‘em in the US, so I learnt how to do it myself and here it is for you.

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1 x spicy guacamole (see recipe link below)
1 x mad mango salsa (see recipe link below)
½ a small red cabbage (400g)
3 tbsp cider or white wine vinegar
600g tilapia, halibut or other firm white fish fillets
1 tbsp Mexican rub (see recipe link below)
16 small soft corn tortillas


Find the Spicy Guacamole recipe here.

Find the Mad Mango Salsa recipe here.

Find the Mexican Rub recipe here.

Before you set up the barbecue, make sure the bars of the grill are really clean and well oiled. Set it up for the half and half technique (set up the barbecue so half the the base is covered in charcoal and the other side is empty) – you want a medium direct heat. Place a drip tray inside the barbecue on the indirect side. While that’s heating up, get the mad mango salsa and spicy guacamole ready to go, then really finely slice the cabbage and mix well in a bowl with the vinegar.

Rinse the fish fillets under cold running water, then drain, pat dry and sprinkle over the Mexican rub. Place the fillets over direct heat on the barbecue (I like to pop them into a greased fish basket to help prevent the fillets from falling apart). Cook for 4 minutes, or until cooked through, turning halfway – the thickness of the fillets will affect the cooking time, so use your common sense and adjust the time accordingly. Meanwhile, either divide the tortillas into two stacks of eight, wrap each in a double layer of tin foil and warm through on the barbecue for a couple of minutes, or griddle them in a pan on the barbecue with a drizzle of oil for 15 seconds on each side.

Remove the fillets and flake into big beautiful chunks. I divide them between the tortillas with a dollop of spicy guacamole and a spoonful each of cabbage and mad mango salsa, but each to their own.

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From the book: Jamie’s Food Tube: The BBQ Book

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