The Little Swedish Kitchen

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Published on 26 July 2018
The Little Swedish Kitchen
Rachel Khoo's favourite dishes
Mouthwatering seasonal Swedish recipes
Stunning photography

Who’s the author?: Food writer and cook Rachel Khoo is best known and loved for French-inspired recipes and food from The Little Paris Kitchen, her cookbook and TV series of the same name. Now a Swedish resident, she has fallen in love with the country's rich and varied cuisine. She runs the Khoolect blog for the creatively inspired. Follow her on Instagram.

What’s it about?: A twist on Swedish cuisine, Rachel Khoo takes us on a seasonal tour of the country she now calls home. Expect a Scandi take on classic dishes, as Rachel matches her own cooking style with local ingredients, from Smoked Sausage Stroganoff to Swedish-style Fish Tacos to Breakfast Blueberry Pie. Categorised by season, you'll find veg-inspired dishes and vegetarian twists, meat dishes to feed a crowd, as well as plenty of cakes and bakes thrown in the mix too. With beautiful photography, this book is a pleasure to read, and a joy to cook from.  

Recipes we love?: Swedish Bean Balls with Butterbean Mash, Smoked Sausage Stroganoff, Roasted Butternut Squash Waffles, Wild Boar Burritos and Dark Chocolate Buttercream Biscuits with Sea Salt.

Good book for: Scandi-lovers, home cooks seeking dinner party inspiration, keen bakers, and anyone looking for inventive, new flavour combinations.