The Happy Pear Vegan Cooking for Everyone

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Cover of The Happy Pear Vegan Cooking for Everyone
Published on 09 July 2020

Who are the authors? Dave and Steve Flynn are the Irish twin chefs behind The Happy Pear best-selling cookbooks. The pair have two decades of plant-based cooking experience, a dedicated following on their YouTube channel and online health courses too.

What's it about? "Would you love to cook more but don’t know where to start? Do you like cooking but feel lost without a recipe?" starts this truly revolutionary vegan cookbook. Here you'll find The Happy Pear's 20 years of plant-based experience and knowledge distilled into an easy-to-follow step-by-step foundation to vegan cooking.

Rather than a straight-up recipe book, the pair break down our favourite dishes, from pancakes and breakfast bowls to soups and salads to burgers and pasta and sweet treats into basic principles so that we can learn how to cook from the beginning. Recipes are included but rather than encouraging us to rely on them, the twins help us to build our own knowledge of plant-based cooking, from putting ingredients together to understanding flavour so that any beginner can confidently use their instincts and learn to adapt and rustle up a good meal without relying on a recipe. 

Recipes we love: Homemade Dairy Milks, Indian Biryani, Green Pizza, Easy Super Tasty Gravy, Homemade Vegan Mozzarella

Perfect for: Any cooks – whether vegan or not – who'd like to learn the basics of good cooking, flexitarians or everday cooks looking to dip their toes into vegan cooking as well as long-term vegans who'd like to learn more of the basics.