Party Jelly Boats

These colourful jelly boats are the perfect addition to any children's party. Choose your favourite flavour jelly and watch these fun creations disappear!

Fay's Family Food
From the book Fay's Family Food


Personally, I hate jelly. But a plate of these is such a pretty addition to your party table and it seems most little people will bare-knuckle fight to get their gnashers around some.

Makes 12 boats
Prep time: 15 min


3 large oranges
135g pack fruit jelly
coloured tissue paper cut into sail shapes
12 cocktail sticks


Cut the oranges in half across the middle and remove but keep the flesh. Try not to damage the shells.

Make up the jelly according to the packet instructions. You can use the reserved juice as part of the liquid. Chop the flesh from just one orange into little pieces.

Put the shells on a tray that fits in your fridge and fill them first with the chopped orange flesh, evenly distributed, then with the jelly mix. Pop into the fridge for an hour or so minimum (or overnight).

Once set, cut the oranges in half again. Put a sail on each stick and place in your jelly boat. All kids will want more than 1 boat, so allow for 2 each.

Tip: Make these well in advance if you have room in your fridge.

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