Gintelligence No.1

This cocktail recipe is perfect for the colder months. Served warm, it combines gin with juniper berries and lemon for a heady and warming mix.



The template for this hot drink is the classic Tom Collins, which is often confused with the Fizz. In composition these two are almost identical; however, the Fizz is served in a pre-chilled glass without ice and mixed with a shot of soda, while the Collins is served in a long drink glass and diluted with lots of soda. Gintelligence No. 1 got its name because I discovered quite accidentally how fantastic this renowned concoction tasted warm: a crafty drink to warm you up on cold days in autumn and winter. It has an even fuller, stronger flavour if you use Dutch style gin (Jenever) instead.


60ml (2fl oz) Dutch style gin
30ml (1 fl oz) fresh lemon juice
20 ml (3/4 fl oz) triple syrup
5 juniper berries
100ml (3 ½ fl oz) hot water


Heat all the ingredients except for the water in a saucepan or silver pot on the stove and top up with hot water. Place the juniper berries in the tea cup and serve the drink in the cup or soup bowl.

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