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The Modern Preserver: Chutneys, pickles, jams and more

Written by

Kylee Newton

Who’s the author? Hackney-based New Zealander Kylee Newton, owner of preserves company Newton & Pott, a genuinely heartfelt ‘kitchen table’ business, with jars cluttering every surface and pans bubbling on the stove. With the help of her brilliant assistant, Karolina Stein, Kylee makes everything by hand and sells her preserves at Broadway Market in Hackney on Saturdays as well as in several delis, larders, butchers, cafés and pubs across London.

What’s it about? The Modern Preserver takes you through every kind of preserving: from chutneys and jams, to pickles and fermentation and cordials and compotes. A beautiful marriage of classic methods with a contemporary feel.

Recipes we love: Tomato Kasundi, Fennel and Orange Pickle and Strawberry and Pimm’s Jam.

Good book for: Anyone looking to get into preserving or wanting to discover interesting and exciting ways to use up gluts of fruit and veg.

You’ll like it if: You enjoy putting an interesting twist on your cooking, you’re interested in experimenting with new preserving techniques and flavour combinations or love to make edible gifts for friends and family.

Preserving is an ancient technique which speaks to a modern sensibility. It puts you in step with the seasons, you can use up leftovers, and it helps you rediscover a timeless kitchen craftsmanship – all aspirations of the thoughtful modern cook.

The Modern Preserver takes you through every aspect of preserving: from classic chutneys and jams, through pickles and fermentation, to cordials and compotes. It weds age-old methods with a very contemporary feel. There are fresh flavour pairings like Raspberry and Rose Jam, and Carrot and Citrus Chutney. There are ideas from across the world like Kimchi and Japanese Pickled Ginger. And there are more than 130 creative and unique recipes, be it for Strawberry and Lavender Gin or Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup.

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From the book: The Modern Preserver: Chutneys, pickles, jams and more

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