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Easy Japanese ‘Kettle’ Soup

by Jules Clancy from Five Ingredients, Ten Minutes

This simple Japanese-inspired kettle soup takes just moments to create. The stunning dish combines the flavours of soy and dashi with tofu, peas and toasted nori.

From the book


Kettle soups are a brilliant solution when you don’t have access to a proper kitchen but feel like a warm meal. All you need is some boiling water and a heatproof container, preferably with a lid. If you haven’t ever used dashi, an instant Japanese fish stock, I highly recommend giving it a go. You’ll need to go to a large supermarket or an Asian grocery store to find it (and the nori sheet) but it will keep in the pantry for years. If that seems like too much trouble, just use a good-quality chicken or vegetable stock or bouillon powder.

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A large handful frozen peas
100g tofu
1 sheet nori, optional
1 heaped tsp dashi powder or stock
2 tsp soy sauce


Pop your kettle on to boil.

Place peas in a large heatproof container and cover with boiling water. Stand.

Slice tofu finely and tear nori, if using, into small squares.

Drain peas and return to your container, then add tofu, dashi and soy. Cover with fresh boiling water.

Stand for a minute before serving with the nori sheets, if using, on top.


Soy-free/carnivore: replace the tofu with a handful of shredded cooked chicken and just use salt to season instead of the soy.

Different veg: replace the dashi with vegetable stock (bouillon) powder or use a tablespoon of white miso paste instead.

More substantial: increase the amount of tofu or add a handful of fresh udon noodles instead.

Can’t find nori? Just skip it, or replace with a tablespoon of chopped chives or finely sliced spring onion.


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