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Samuel & Samantha Clark

Moro restaurant was born out of a desire to cook within the wonderful tradition of Mediterranean food, and to explore exotic flavours little known in the UK. It is one of the most talked about restaurants and in 1998 won both the Time Out and BBC Good Food awards for Best New Restaurant. Moro: the Cookbook was a huge success. Its passionate insight into the culinary traditions of Spain and the Muslim Mediterranean and its strong vision and ethos captured readers' imaginations. The follow-up Casa Moro took on a range of flavours beyond those covered in the first book, following Sam and Sam on a romantic journey through Spain and Morocco, and giving a personal account of life in their house in the heart of Moorish Andalucia. Moro Tierra is the evocative, back-to-the-earth story of their decision to grow their own produce in London, beginning with their first amateurish attempts to plant vegetables, and blossoming into a journal of life within a unique community and the inspiration it provides for Sam and Sam's cooking. Sam + Sam Clark's latest book, Morito, brings to life the world of Moro's 'little sister' restaurant in the heart of London's Exmouth market. It is a vibrant celebration of modern tapas and mezze.

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