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Moro Easy


08 September 2022

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Moro Easy


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Who are the authors?: Sam and Sam Clark share a passion for the food of Spain and North Africa and their esteemed London-based restaurants, Moro and Morito, were born out of a desire to cook and share vibrant food inspired by these culinary traditions. They are the authors of four previous cookbooks, which, alongside their restaurants, have been showered with awards, accolades and endorsements.

What’s the book about?: Released to coincide with Moro’s 25th anniversary, Moro Easy is Sam and Sam’s most accessible cookbook to date. A celebration of Spanish and North African flavours, it takes its cue from the laid-back approach to cooking that underpins each of these cuisines, leaving the hard work to simple, seasonal produce and simplified but impactful flavour pairings. Starting as it means to go on with a chapter of delicious morsels on toast (think slow-cooked minty courgettes with a sliver of nutty jamón and a generous drizzle of olive oil), Moro Easy moves on to recipes for egg and dairy-based dishes, simple salads, easy vegetables, rice, grains and pulses, fish, meat, one-pot recipes and simple desserts. At once simple and stylish, this versatile collection of 120 sun-soaked recipes not only promises ideas for quick lunches and simple suppers but can be relied on for plenty of inspiration for your next dinner party menu too.

Recipes we love: Labneh, Carrots, Carraway and Pistachio. Fried Aubergines, Pomegranates and Pistachios. Monkfish Stew with Green, Beans, Potatoes and Alioli. Lemon Crème Brûlée.

Perfect book for: Any cook looking to broaden their repertoire of fuss-free, Mediterranean-style recipes.

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Cook from the book: Moro Easy

A team of home cooks take on the simplistic but flavour-packed recipes from Moro Easy.


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From the book: Moro Easy

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