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Of Cabbages and Kimchi: A Practical Guide to the World of Fermented Food

Written by

James Read


02 March 2022

Who’s the author? James Read is a man obsessed with fermenting things. After experimenting with cauliflower kimchi to make the perfect ‘zombie brains’ for a Halloween pop-up restaurant, James grew curious about the world of fermentation and living foods. He went on to found Kim Kong Kimchi, selling tens of thousands of jars of kimchi distributed through hundreds of stores in the UK. He was recently been appointed Chief Trading Officer of the UK Fermenters Guild.

What is it about? Of Cabbages and Kimchi is a deep-dive into the world of fermentation, focussing on ten living ferments (fermented foods that are not cooked or pasteurised) and exploring their history and their flavour potential. From hot sauces and kimchi, to kefir and kombucha, James investigates the cultural and historic backgrounds of fermented foods, as well how best to make them yourself. You will find easy guides to creating your own soy sauce, kimchi, hot sauces, ginger beer, yoghurt, and more, as well as plenty of recipes for how best to make use of them, all beautifully presented alongside the astro-surrealist watercolour illustrations of Marija Tiurina.

Recipes we love: Chilled Radish Noodle Soup, Mango and Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce, Kimchi and Goat’s Cheese Quesadilla, Raspberry Almond and Kefir Crumb Cake, Soy Caramel Dark Milk Chocolate Tart.

Perfect for: Curious cooks who are interested to learn a bit more about the foods we eat everyday, and who love a little bit of experimentation in the kitchen.


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From the book: Of Cabbages and Kimchi: A Practical Guide to the World of Fermented Food

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