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Mob 6: Tasty 6-Ingredient Meals

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14 September 2023

Who is the author: Mob is a dynamic collective of talented chefs who champion tasty, easy and affordable food from a diverse range of culinary talent. They have over two million followers online, and their last five books Mob Kitchen, Mob Kitchen: Vegetarian, Comfort Mob, Speedy Mob and Fresh Mob have sold over 200,000 copies between them.

What’s it about: This is their simplest cookbook yet, with six everyday ingredients used to make 115 ultra-tasty and fresh recipes, which will make cooking easier for everyone. With this book Mob aims to show that you can cook something special, remembered forever by your group of friends, with just six simple ingredients – cooking does not need to be time consuming and difficult. The recipes are also just a guide; readers are encouraged to swap out an ingredient if they don’t like it as, ultimately, we know what we like best – Mob wants us to enjoy creating delicious food as much as possible. The emphasis is on simple, easy recipes using affordable ingredients which help you save on money and shopping time – by using only six ingredients, Mob make sure to use every part of it, whether that’s capers and the brine they come in or shallots three ways in one recipe.

Sections are handily split up by Mornings, Bread & Pastry, Lighter, Pasta & Noodles, Easy Evenings, Impressive, Picky Bits and Sweet Things. This book is simplicity at its best, with a refusal to compromise on flavour.

Recipes we love: Harissa Sausage Orzotto, Lamb and Mint Flatbreads, Crispy Chilli Cauliflower and the Smoky Tomato and Aubergine Sandwich.

Perfect for: fuss-free cooking, weeknight staples and fans of The Roasting Tin Series and OTK: Shelf Love.

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From the book: Mob 6: Tasty 6-Ingredient Meals

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