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6 recipes for hungry students

by Lucas Oakeley

published on 12 September 2023

Cooking doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It certainly didn’t come naturally to me when I went to university armed with nothing but a vague understanding of how an oven worked. Although I became a fairly competent cook by the end of my degree, it took me a while to branch out from eating pesto pasta every day of the week. Knowing where to start when it comes to expanding your culinary repertoire can seem overwhelming. And expensive. The last thing you want to do when you’re a student is wheel around the supermarket with a shopping list as long as your reading list. Because let’s face it: you’ll never get around to completing either of them.

Thankfully, the team at Mob have created Mob 6. As its name would suggest, it’s a cookbook packed with simple, accessible, and affordable recipes that use just six ingredients. So put down the frozen pizza, stow away the Pot Noodles for a future hangover emergency, and get to grips with these easy student-friendly recipes.

mob Bombay fish finger sandwich

Mob’s Bombay Fish Finger Sandwich

by Mob
from Mob 6

Everyone loves a fish finger sandwich. And we’ve made the biggest, baddest fish finger sandwich of all time right here. The secret ingredient? Bombay mix. Yep. See you on the other side.

burrata cornichon potato bake mob 6

Mob’s Burrata, Cornichon and Potato Bake

by Mob
from Mob 6

Burrata is a cheat code. You can throw it into just about anything and it’ll instantly make it taste better and make it seem like you know what you’re doing in the kitchen. This potato bake benefits greatly from its cool, creamy presence.

aubergine gochujang noodles mob

Mob’s Aubergine Gochujang Noodles

by Mob
from Mob 6

You know sriracha, yeah? Well, think of gochujang as the Pokémon evolution of that. It’s sweet, spicy, and has a slight funk that goes great with fudgy aubergines and noodles in this easy weeknight dinner.

From the book

chilli butter gnocchi mob

Mob’s Chilli Butter Gnocchi

by Mob
from Mob 6

Learning a few recipes off by heart is a great way to get more comfortable in the kitchen. This recipe is so easy you’ll probably be able to memorise it after the first time you make it. It’s so good, however, that it definitely won’t be the last time you make it.

pesto lentils and lemony leeks mob

Mob’s Pesto Lentils with Lemony Leeks

by Mob
from Mob 6

Pesto and lentils are a far more suave and sophisticated combination than pesto and pasta. The lemony leeks we’ve paired with that duo adds a nice bit of acid to this well-balanced dish. Great for when your veggie mates are over for dinner.

Mob’s Chicken, ‘Nduja and Sourdough

by Mob
from Mob 6

A good recipe to feed a crowd, this spicy traybake has got a hell of a lot going for it. The chunks of sourdough get all crispy and soak up the fat and flavour of the ‘nduja and chicken like a delicious carbohydrate sponge. You’ll be fighting over the last bite.

From the book


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