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Published on 14 February 2013

Pizzas, pasties, curries, cobblers, hotpots, stroganoffs, burgers and pies. Soups, salads, koftas, kebabs, pilafs, moussakas, wraps and melts...

Mighty mince has long been a handy and budget-friendly standby found in fridges and freezers up and down the country. But there’s more to this tasty staple than spag bol and shepherd’s pie . . .

In this, his first collection of easy-to-follow recipes bursting with big flavours, TV chef Dean Edwards takes inspiration from all over the world to whip up super-quick, versatile meals with mince for every day of the week.

Chili beef hotpot
Chicken and chorizo burgers
Thai lamb and tomato curry
Sizzling beef pizza
Smokey turkey fajitas
Moroccan meatball tagine

You’ll never again be left wondering what to cook for dinner . . .