Low and Slow

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Cover of Low and Slow
Published on 05 May 2016

Who’s the author? Edinburgh-born, meat-enthusiast Neil Rankin. Neil has achieved critical acclaim for lending a hand to numerous culinary ventures across London, including a role as head chef of Pitt Cue Co, launching John Salt as a fusion BBQ restaurant and opening Smokehouse in Islington in 2013 - the onlyBBQ restaurant in the UK to have 2 AA rosettes and be in the Good Food Guide. He is now part of London’s major new Street Food venture London Union , and has written guest columns for Independent on Sunday.

What’s it about?  What Neil Rankin doesn't know about meat isn't worth knowing. Low and Slow is packed with more than 100 recipes revealing tried and tested tips and tricks the renowned chef.The book is broken up into 4 chapters; Steaks, Roasts, Braises and Barbecue and Slow Smoking, which also contain accompaniment ideas to complete each meal, from simple butters and sauces to punchy salads and hearty sides. Neil's trick for all types of meat: turn the temperature down, cook meat slowly and get the best results without stress.

Good book for: Anyone who has ever cooked a steak medium-well instead of medium-rare, a chicken that ends up dry and tasteless or a stew that’s tough or stringy and wants to know the secrets of cooking meat perfectly.

You’ll like it if: You want to master the art of cooking fantastic meat dishes in your own home with the guidance of one of Britain's most exciting chefs.