Cover of Juiceman
Published on 14 January 2016

Who’s the author? Juicing expert Andrew Cooper.

What’s it about? Juiceman is packed with over 100 delicious recipes packed full of goodness. From juices to smoothies, nut milks to breakfast bowls, there's something for everyone in this brilliantly vibrant guide. 

Recipes we love: Full Cream Cashew and Hemp Milk, Blueberry Facial Smoothie, Smoothie Breakfast Bowl and the Ultimate OJ.

Good book for: Anyone looks to achieve or maintain good health. From medicinal juices, which combat dehydration or digestive problems, to smoothies, for detoxing and retoxing, Juiceman is with packed with a tasty selection of recipes.

You’ll like it if: You're looking to get into juicing for the first time or are simply looking for some delicious new recipe inspiration.