Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family Cookbook

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Cover of Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family Cookbook
Published on 07 October 2004

Who's the author? The one and only Jamie Oliver: bestselling author, chef, restaurateur, campaigner and one of the most influential people in the food industry. During a 20-year television and publishing career he has inspired millions of people to enjoy cooking from scratch and eating fresh, delicious food.

What's it about? Jamie's fourth bestselling cookbook, Jamie's Dinners, sees him once again going back to basics, but this time to revolutionise family meals. Designed to encourage us to eat healthier meals at home, recipes are centered around fresh, uncomplicated ingredients. In Family Tree he shows you how to master core dishes to help you build on and expand your repertoire, plus with 100 easy-to-afford, easy-to-prepare dinners, including his Top Ten Favourite Family meals, this cookbook is stuffed with recipes that will inspire even the busiest parents to feed their family.

Recipes we love: Southern Indian Rice and Seafood Soup, Chicken and Sweet Leek Pie and Banana and Blueberry French Toast.

Perfect for: Busy parents seeking wholesome family food, families looking for easy-to-master basic dinners that the kids will love, novice books and Jamie Oliver fans.