Jamie's America

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Cover of Jamie's America
Published on 01 September 2009

Who’s the author? Chef and campaigner, Jamie Oliver, is the nation’s much-loved food personality whose back-to-basics approach to cooking has inspired millions of people to get back into the kitchen and give good, home-cooked food a go. His food trips around the world, from Italy to Greece, Japan to America, inspire his recipes, providing an accessible twist on often unknown recipes.

What’s it about? Moving beyond the common misconception of what American food is, this cookbook is a celebration of true North American cuisine. Jamie’s food trip takes him from New York to the Wild West to New Orleans, where he finds home-cooks and chefs, food experts and even cowboys to teach him all-time classics and forgotten dishes.

Spanning 120 recipes, Jamie’s America is his take on comfort dishes and show-stopping meals. Forget junk food and super-sized burgers, this book will give you campfire chilli and deep-pan pizzas, seafood gumbos, cheesy cornbread and apple pie. As much a story about food as it is about places, people, migration, food culture and traditions, Jamie’s America is a culinary snapshot of a country in all its diversity.

Recipes we love: Deep Pan Pizza, Chilli con Jamie, Mexican Breakfast, Churros with homemade Hot Chocolate.

Perfect for: Jamie fans, comfort-food cooks seeking indulgent desserts and hearty dinners, anyone with an interest in North American cuisine and culture.