Cook, Eat, Repeat

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Published on 15 October 2020
Cook, Eat, Repeat
A collection of recipes you'll want to make over and over again
Including quick and easy meals, Christmas comfort food, and stunning bakes
Interspersed with witty, thoughtful, and beautifully written essays

Who’s the author? The inimitable Nigella Lawson; author of multiple bestselling, genre-defining cookbooks, charismatic host of numerous television series, much-loved columnist, and household name around the world.

What’s it about? Cook, Eat, Repeat is a blend of delicious new recipes and captivating narrative essays; this is as much a book to curl up on the couch with as it is to prop open on the kitchen counter.

Nigella’s writing has always been characterised by her totally unique voice and her witty, evocative prose. Far more than instruction manuals, books like How to Eat, Feast and At My Table are at once enlightening and life enhancing. Cook, Eat, Repeat continues in that vein and contains over 150 new recipes celebrating some of Nigella’s favourite ingredients, with chapters including ‘A is for Anchovy’ and 'A Loving Defence of Brown Food'. Readers will find instructions on how to bake the perfect chocolate cookie for one, a recipe for transforming fish fingers into a truly vibrant supper, and a whole chapter filled with new Christmas recipes. Cook, Eat, Repeat is also a book born out of a particular moment in time, and finds Nigella musing on the meaning of cooking and eating in lockdown. Many of the recipes are designed to minimise waste, to be scaled up or down as necessary, and, most imporantly, to bring some much needed joy in difficult times.

Recipes we love: Spaghetti with Chard and Anchovies, Oxtail Bourguignon, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake.

Perfect for: Anyone who’s followed Nigella’s career from How to Eat to her much-lauded lifestyle columns in Sunday Times Style will find this book engaging, nourishing, and thoroughly enchanting. Meanwhile, those who might be newer to her work but who are passionate about food and food writing will be equally enthralled by Nigella’s dynamic prose and beautiful recipes.