Caravan: Dining All Day

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Published on 08 June 2017
Caravan: Dining All Day
Recipes from the London restaurant scene favourite
Beautiful dishes using fresh and seasonal ingredients
Aussie-style brunch inspiration

Who are the authors? Chris Ammermann, Laura Harper-Hinton and Miles Kirby are the New Zealander founders of Caravan, an immensely popular collection of award-winning London restaurants. 

What's it about? The Caravan cookbook has every element of the day covered, from frankly superb coffee to start your day with, through to fresh soups and salads for lunch all the way through to show-stopping dinners. It's a cookbook you can depend on, for whenever hunger strikes.  

Recipes we love: Burmese Chicken Salad, Spiced Roasted Cauliflower and Chargrilled Lamb Cutlets

Good book for: Anyone who has been to one of the Caravan restaurants and loved the experience. Or for those uninitiated, this cookbook is excellent for laid-back cooks and diners who love the idea of an open kitchen table laden with delicious dishes at every opportunity.