4 Summer Frittata Recipes

Here at The Happy Foodie, we love a frittata. Whether it's served hot or cold, for breakfast, lunch or just a snack, a frittata is a delicious, quick and healthy dish. Here we've listed 4 of our favourite recipes for you to crack on with. 

Best Summer 2018 Frittata Recipes | How to Cook Perfect Fritatta

Sweet Potato, Spring Onion, Spinach and Goat's Cheese Frittata from The Happy Pear by David and Stephen Flynn

Breakfast will never be the same again once you've made this recipe from The Happy Pear cookbook. This frittata is a real treat, flavoured with creamy goat's cheese, but is so easy to make at home. 

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Best Summer 2018 Frittata Recipes | How to Cook Perfect Fritatta

Slow-Baked Artichoke Frittata, Watercress Pesto and Slow-Roast Tomatoes from The New Vegetarian by Alice Hart

This recipe is a sophisticated take on the simple frittata. Packed with artichokes and served with sharp watercress pesto and rich roast tomatoes, it makes for a simple dinner recipe that still looks oh-so impressive.

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Best Summer 2018 Frittata Recipes | How to Cook Perfect Fritatta

Green Egg Frittata from The Good Life Eatery by Shirin Kouros & Yasmine Larizadeh

Make sure you get your greens with this recipe from The Good Life Eatery cookbook. Loaded with asparagus, kale, courgette and fennel, this frittata packs a nutritious punch. 

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Asparagus and Tomato Frittata Slice from The Foodie Teen by Alessandra Peters

Make this oven-baked frittata from The Foodie Teen with our easy tutorial video. Alessandra's recipe makes for a brilliant revision snack as it's bursting with vitamins B and D.

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