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Jamie Oliver’s Super Food Challenge Day #1

by Elizabeth Young

published on 15 September 2015

Find out about more about The Happy Foodie Super Food Challenge here.

What I made:

Crumbed Pesto Fish, Roasted Cherry Vines, Spuds and Greens

What I thought:

I haven’t gone into the Super Food Challenge looking to change my diet in any radical way. What I really want from this week of cooking from Everyday Super Food is to come away with a few simple solutions to the problems that make me, and my family, eat less healthily than I’d like. Midweek meals are a big issue in my household. I have two primary school age kids, but work pretty much full time, so I find myself cooking the same old meals again and again, with health at the bottom of the list of priorities. My kids are also FUSSY (notice the capitals) eaters – there is loads of stuff they just won’t touch, much to my despair. I’m hoping that Jamie’s new book will give me the inspiration I need to whip up healthy, tasty midweek meals that my whole family will enjoy.

With the Crumbed Pesto Fish I made last night, things have got off to a pretty brilliant start. With the exception of my youngest daughter, we all LOVED this dish. The lemony pesto and breadcrumb coating on the fish is absolutely divine. My eldest daughter described it as ‘zangy’, a kind of cross between zingy and tangy and now my favourite new word. We all piled our plates high with veg coated in sweet balsamic dressing and left the table happy. Well, apart from the little one who asked me to tell Jamie that “I am not a fan of this fish”. I think I’ve realised that winning her over is going to be this week’s biggest challenge. On to day 2…

Crumbed Pesto Fish Jame Oliver | Midweek Meal


What I made:

What I thought:

I opted for the Chia Seed Fruit Pots as I’d never tried making anything with chia before and was keen to see what all the fuss was about. I was a bit sceptical to begin with (the texture looked quite slimy) but was pleasantly suprised with the result. Even more suprising was the fact that, despite feeling very light, it really did keep me full until lunchtime. The recipe makes quite a large quantity so I have enough for breakfast tomorrow too – bonus!

The Happiness Pasta was a real winner. I made this for dinner on Sunday evening and took the leftovers to work. I was a bit concerned that the steamed aubergines would be tough and bland but they were silky and delicious! Will definitely be using this method in future recipes. 

The Feijoada took a bit longer to prepare than l usually like to spend cooking on a Monday evening, but was certainly worth the extra bit of effort. The combination of smoked paprika, sweet butternut squash, earthy black beans, lime, chilli and coriander was the perfect pick-me-up after a long day. I also made the Mango, Lime and Ginger Fro-Yo for dessert which was incredibly quick to whiz together in the food processor and satisfied my post-dinner sugar cravings.

Jamie Oliver Recipes


What I made:

What I thought:

The chia seed pudding was less sweet than I’m used to at breakfast, which was no bad thing at all! It did a pretty good job of keeping me full over the morning. I nibbled on a handful of cashews at around 11am to keep my energy up (maybe this addict skipping coffee was a step too far!).

The pasta is definitely going into my regular repertoire. The steamed aubergines achieved the most remarkable silky texture that would easily convert aubergine naysayers. I barely noticed that I was eating wholemeal pasta, and the portion size was perfect, even for my appetite. A fig and a couple of energy balls at around 3.30pm and I was set for the afternoon.

And then we got to those prawns. Oh those prawns. And that marinade. Herby and sweet and sharp and rich, all poured over a pile of tangy, lemony cous cous and veg and topped with little pops of pomegranate. Everyone should make the prawns. Go and make them right away. Now.

Jamie Oliver Recipes

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