One-pot vegan dinners to save you time and energy

Save yourself time and energy with these one-pot vegan recipes – from vegan spaghetti bolognese to mushroom pie to hearty chillies, you'll be surprised what you can make in just one pan, and you'll save time on the washing up too. 

one pot vegan recipes braised sausages all in one cherry tomatoes cannellini proper healthy food

Braised Sausage All-in-One from Proper Healthy Food by Nick Knowles

Veggie sausages with sweet cherry tomatoes and creamy cannellini beans cooked in cider, this is a summery traybake dinner that takes just 10 minutes to put together. 

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esclavida one pot vegan recipes aubergine traybake rukmini iyer the green roasting tin

Escalivada from The Green Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer

"This dish is like sitting in an outdoor café in Spain, and can make the dullest supermarket produce sing", says Rukmini. We like the sound of that this summer. Make the most of seasonal summery aubergines, tomatoes and peppers, roasted in one tin until sweet and juicy – serve with basil for a fresh and vibrant dinner.

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one pot cajun rice and bean stew veganeasy denise smart vegan one pot dinners

One-pot Cajun Rice and Beans from Veganeasy: Delicious Food in 5 Ingredients by Denise Smart

A lightly spiced Cajun dish that uses a few storecupboard staples and parsnips – you can swap the parsnip for carrot or mushrooms if you like. Ready in under half an hour. 

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vegan one pot dinner vegetable chilli rachel ama vegan eats

Vegetable Chilli from Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats by Rachel Ama

"This super-hearty, simple chilli is a saviour when I want to make something nutritious and filling without too much fuss", says Rachel Ama. Mixed beans, lentils and the warming spices of chilli, paprika and cumin make up this throw-it-all-in dinner, with minimal washing up to think about. 

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african peanut stew vegan one pot dinners rachel ama vegan eats

West African Peanut Stew from Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats by Rachel Ama

A vibrant, bright dish inspired by Rachel Ama's Sierra Leonean roots, using sweet potatoes, peanut butter, tomato and plenty of fresh coriander. Rachel adds a Scotch Bonnet here for fiery heat and flavour, but you can use less if you want a more gentle spice. 

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one pot vegan dinners vegan spag bol the happy pear recipes for happiness

Vegan Spag Bol from The Happy Pear: Recipes for Happiness by The Happy Pear

This quick take on a family favourite is cooked all in one pot – sauce, spaghetti and all! This might sound odd but it works really well – simply make your sweet lentil Bolognese in a pot, then throw in the pasta and let it cook in the sauce, sucking up all that flavour until al dente. Add nutritonal yeast and soy or tamari for depth of flavour. 

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one pot vegan dinners mushroom and spinach pie in one pan veganeasy denise smart

One-Pan Mushroom and Spinach Pie from Veganeasy: Delicious Food in 5 Ingredients by Denise Smart

You need just five ingredients in this one-pan pie that is ready to eat in just half an hour. A lighter take on a traditional savoury pie, this recipe uses filo pastry and vegan yoghurt, with wholegrain mustard for an extra hit of flavour.

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indian lentil cauliflower soup oh she glows angela liddon one pot vegan dinners

Indian Lentil-Cauliflower Soup from Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon

Lentils and cauliflower make for a budget-friendly meal in this homely soup. Swap in other root vegetables if you have them, from squash to parsnip or potato. "The flavour gets better as it sits, so I tend to enjoy the leftovers even more", says Angela or freeze the leftovers in portions for another day. 

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