Easy Nigella Lawson chicken recipes to cook this week

It's no secret that Nigella is a fan of cooking chicken. "For me, a chicken remains the basic unit of home. I don’t really feel a kitchen is mine until I’ve cooked a chicken there", she says. These are some of the best chicken recipes by Nigella, from tasty traybakes to stews – a nourishing selection that you can cook for dinner any day of the week. 

nigella chicken recipes chicken with red grapes and marsala at my table

Chicken with Red Grapes and Marsala from At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking  

Pair tender chicken with burstingly sweet grapes, musky marsala and thyme in this easy dinner recipe for two.  

At My Table: A Celebration of Home Cooking
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nigella lawson chicken recipes chicken traybake with fennel simply nigella

Chicken Traybake with Bitter Orange and Fennel from Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food

You only need five ingredients (plus olive oil and salt) to make this sensational supper: throw it all in the oven and kick back until it's ready. 

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nigella chicken recipes golden jubilee chicken nigella summer

Golden Jubilee Chicken from Nigella Summer

A pared back, lighter and fresher version of Coronation Chicken, this recipe combines leftover cold chicken breast with mango, spring onions, chilli and fresh coriander. 

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easy nigella chicken recipes slow roasted chicken with lemon and garlic nigella summer

Slow-Roasted Garlic and Lemon Chicken from Nigella Summer

We're hooked to this traybake chicken recipe that pairs a jointed chicken with chunks of lemon, white wine, thyme and plenty of garlic. Leave the lemon in pieces to cook slowly in the oven and they'll caramelise into a sour-sweet addition that you can eat – skin, pith and all. 

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easy nigella chicken recipes tequilla and lime chicken simply nigella

Tequila and Lime Chicken from Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food

This fiery chicken recipe will certainly wake up your tastebuds; a Mexican-inspired chicken dinner that will work wonderfully paired with sweet potato wedges, black beans and a simple green salad.

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easy nigella chicken recipes my mother's praised chicken nigella kitchen

My Mother's Praised Chicken from Nigella Kitchen: Recipes from the Heart of the Home 

This delicious chicken stew recipe inspired by Nigella's mother is great for using up leftover roast chicken.

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