Cook From the Book: Granola Dust from Everyday Super Food

Granola Dust from Everyday Super Food

Who: Lottie Huckle, Digital Content Producer for The Happy Foodie

What I made: Granola Dust from Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver

My thoughts: I spend a good five minutes in the cereal aisle every week. I pick up each attractive packet and aggressively scour the side of the box, hunting for the sugar content. Predictably, most boxes are shoved back onto their shelves, their high sugar levels condemning them to a life on the shelf, rather than in my cupboard.

This means I find breakfast time really frustrating. Even in 'healthy' cereals, like granola, sugar lurks. And I'm not trying to eliminate sugar from my diet (pass me a brownie any day of the week), but in cereal it just seems so unnecessary. A bad foot on which to start the day. 

But I'm not very flexible at breakfast time. I haven't got the time for elaborate breakfasts, the desire to spend a sizeable portion of my pay cheque on chia seeds and raw cacao, nor the will to continue eating plain porridge. See, not flexible. 

But there has to be a better way. 

Turns out there is. Enter Jamie Oliver's Granola Dust. I blitzed up my own batch of Granola Dust in a last-ditch attempt to find a quick breakfast that doesn't make my teeth ache with sugar or my heart with dullness (slight over-exaggeration...). The cooking process was promising. Quick, simple and with encouragingly delicious aromas.

And in the eating? It's a keeper. 

When I first glanced at the recipe I thought it would be an interesting topper. Something to be sprinkled over smoothies and breakfast bowls. And it is, and makes a great addition. But Granola Dust is also a load more. It can be made into a hot cereal itself, delicious with the flavours of cocoa and orange and the nutty echo of toasted oats, nuts and seeds. Not only that, it can be transformed into a drink (a drink!). The versatility and flavour of Everyday Super Food's Granola Dust means that I can once again rejoice again at breakfast time. 

If you're in a similar breakfast rut, then reach for the recipe. You can find it in Jamie OIiver's Everyday Super Food. 

Everyday Super Food
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Everyday Super Food Granola Dust on Porridge

Want to know more about Jamie's Granola dust? Check out his Granola Dust video here

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