Cook from the Book: Forever Young Smoothie Bowl from Juiceman

Who: Roshni Radia, Audio Executive, BBC Audio

What I made: Forever Young Smoothie Bowl from Andrew Cooper’s Juiceman

What I thought: I love making smoothies but the smoothies I usually make have no extra added elements like matcha green tea powder or coconut butter so was interested to see how this smoothie bowl would turn out. I also never decorate my smoothies and was quite excited (yes, genuinely excited) to see if I could make mine thick enough to support the weight of multiple grapes.

I found that I had most of the ingredients for this at home already, bar frozen bananas and frozen pineapple – for the former it was unfrozen and for the latter it was from a tin. The only other alteration I made was that instead of coconut butter I used coconut and almond butter.

matcha powder juiceman

I loved how simple this recipe is – blend all the ingredients and decorate. It’s also incredibly versatile – I am already thinking of ingredients to swap for the next time I make it. I would love to add some apples and carrots into the mix and as I am not the biggest fan of matcha green tea powder, I’d probably just get rid of that. On the other hand, I thought the coconut and almond butter was a delicious element to the whole thing and it’s something I will definitely do again.

As a side note, peeling a lime and then blending it was something I never thought I would ever do!

And yes, my smoothie was thick enough to support my decoration. Juiceman recommend blueberries, raw cacao and goji berries. I had frozen blueberries, so they went on, as well as grapes, frozen mango, desiccated coconut, and flax seeds.

I loved the look and taste of the end result and will definitely be making this again.

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