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The best Christmas trifle recipes

by Genevieve Halbert

published on 11 December 2023

Whether you’re looking for a traditional trifle recipe or are planning to try something a little unorthodox this year, you’ll find something perfect for you in our collection of the best Christmas trifle recipes.

Millionaire's trifle

Millionaire’s Trifle

by Jane Dunn

If the classic combination of sponge, fruit, and custard doesn’t do it for you, try this all-out millionaire’s trifle from Jane’s Patisserie. Inspired by the flavours of millionaire’s shorbread, it’s layered up with chocolate custard, caramel, chocolate Swiss roll, brownies, and cream. A true show-stopped, and a fitting end to your festive meal.

From the book

rick stein clementine trifle

Rick Stein’s Clementine Trifle

This simple trifle recipe makes the most of festive orange and clementine flavours to create a light yet satisfying dessert.

Nigella Lawson’s Rhubarb and Custard Trifle

Nigella Lawson’s Rhubarb and Custard Trifle

With forced pink rhubarb just coming into season, Christmas is the perfect time to make Nigella Lawson’s voluptuous rhubarb and custard trifle. Can’t get your hands on forced rhubarb? Nigella suggests a raspberry-based version of this recipe that’s equally good.

Quince, Brandy and Walnut Trifle: A Twist on a Charlotta

Quince, Brandy and Walnut Trifle: A Twist on a Charlotta

by Georgina Hayden
from Taverna

Inspired by Cypriot charlotta, Georgina Hayden’s fragrant quince, brandy and walnut trifle is delicately with cloves and honey.

Nan’s Too-Boozy Trifle

Nan’s Too-Boozy Trifle

by Luke Thomas

A nostalgic concoction based on Luke Thomas’s grandmother’s recipe, piled high with fluffy whipped cream and homemade custard. Like most trifles, this one is best started a day in advance to allow the flavours to mingle and mature.

Cheat’s Christmas Apricot Trifle

Cheat’s Christmas Apricot Trifle

Mary uses shop-bought custard and sponge for her “cheat’s” Christmas trifle, with excellent results. Flavoure with apricots, flaked almonds, and a splash of brandy, it’s a refreshingly fruity dessert.

Raspberry Jelly Trifle

Raspberry Jelly Trifle

by Lindsey Bareham

This traditional British recipe from Lindsey Bareham contains all the classic elements of a trifle: sherry-soaked sponge, vanilla custard, whipped cream, and raspberry jelly.


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